The National Cannabis Law Firm

The attorneys at National Cannabis Law Firm are leaders in all aspects of medical and recreational marijuana law and business consulting, including cultivation and real estate concerns. We have strong banking relationships and connections with insurance companies that will work with marijuana businesses. We assist our clients in starting marijuana dispensaries, grow houses, and any other cannabis business entity using discreet and personalized services to help them navigate the complex marijuana industry and medical & recreational cannabis laws.

Are you a new or prospective medical or recreational marijuana business owner? At the National Cannabis Law Firm, we service in every aspect of starting and operating a medical and/or recreational marijuana business. We will assist you in the following:

Forming Your Business

We are thoroughly versed in the rules and requirements for dispensary owners under your state's cannabis law. We will:

  • Help you incorporate, develop your business model, obtain all necessary licenses, and form all operating agreements associated with your business to ensure compliance with Florida law
  • Assist with preparing and submitting all licensing and permit applications along with related paperwork and document preparation
  • Handle all financial and policy negotiations with banks and insurance companies

Local and State Zoning Consulting

We work with several experienced real estate teams to find approved dispensary and grow house locations. We will:

  • Help you select the best site for your dispensary
  • Manage all property leasing or purchasing contract negotiations and issues related to financing or zoning
  • Assist you with building your dispensary, including connecting you with a trusted construction team
  • Handle all associated legal applications and paperwork

Cultivation Consulting

We work with Cannabis Nation Radio host Mike Boutin, a medical marijuana patient of 35 years and a leader in cultivation who was recently featured in the Discovery series Weed Country. We will:

  • Connect you with building experts to help you design your dispensary’s architectural details, including electrical, plumbing, ventilation and security, to meet or exceed industry standards.
  • Select the proper equipment for growing medical marijuana plants, taking efficiency and effectiveness into account.
  • Guide you through the basics of selecting a cannabis strain and a growing method, harvesting your plants, and processing and packaging your product.

To learn more, contact us: Call the National Cannabis Law Firm at 844-WEED-LAW, day or night. We have bilingual staff and attorneys available to talk anytime, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.